Phoenix Lodge

Phoenix Lodge Programme

The Phoenix Lodge programme is a service provided and run by the Dunedin Night Shelter Trust and came about in response to an identified need in the community.  Its purpose is short term stepping stone accommodation for people, who for various reasons, are struggling to obtain mainstream accommodation, particularly men coming out of prison.

  • A single bed
  • Two sets of sheets/pillow cases
  • Two Towels 
  • A desk & chair
  • A fridge
  • A heater
  • Drawers and/or shelving

The lodge has two toilets, a full size bathroom with both shower & bath, a washing machine, and a communal open plan kitchen/dining and lounge room.  It is managed by way of an onsite coordinator and is a controlled environment with the following house rules in place:

  • Maximum stay of 12 weeks
  • Each occupant is responsible for the upkeep & cleanliness of their own room
  • The rooms are singles only with no overnight guests allowed
  • No visitors are allowed at the lodge
  • Phoenix Lodge is an alcohol & drug free environment
  • Drunkenness or disruptive behavior is not tolerated
  • Smoke free
  • No gang related patches
  • Positive attitude and a willingness to follow the house rules and any directions given by the Lodge coordinator

Occupants enter into a signed agreement to follow the above rules and to be bound by a one warning only system for minor transgressions.  Serious transgressions result in immediate eviction.

Everything is included in the weekly rent including power & phone (local calls only).

We do not run credit checks on people but the rent must stay one week is advance at all times.

The Phoenix Lodge programme allows people space and time to get themselves organized and to move forward.  After a period of time, if an occupant has adhered to the programme rules and has met the expectations of the programme, a reference can be provided to assist them in securing mainstream accommodation. 

Phoenix Lodge
18 Lees Street

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For those interested in this please make contact with our Operational Director:
Phone: 03 477 0546