Friends of the Night Shelter

Friends of the Night Shelter

We are inviting people and organizations to become “Friends of the Night Shelter” by committing to a regular weekly or monthly donation to our operations.

The Night Shelter receives no guaranteed funding and each year applies for various grants from community organisations and the Dunedin City Council.  Money raised through the “Friends of the Night Shelter” will supplement those grants in order to enable us to meet the ongoing running costs of the shelter.

‘For the cost of one cup of coffee, muffin, cake or sandwich per week’ we are asking the people of Dunedin to support the ongoing operational costs of the Night Shelter at $5.00 per week per person set up on an automatic payment.

Set up an automatic payment to the Dunedin Night Shelter bank account:

Westpac, Moray Place
03 0905 0279202 00

Please be sure to let us know your details (name, address and details of your automatic payment) via email ( or letter (Dunedin Night Shelter Trust, PO Box 5906, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058).

Donate Monthly using PayPal

Regular donation options

(Paypal recurring payment can be cancelled at any time from within Paypal, or by contacting the Dunedin Night Shelter Trust –