About Us

About Us

The Dunedin Night Shelter Trust was established in 2004 and has been running Dunedin’s only night shelter facility since 2006.  In 2012 the Trust expanded its services with the introduction of the Phoenix Lodge transitional housing programme, based in a separate building on the same site as the Night Shelter. 

There is no doubt that there are people facing a housing emergency in Dunedin every day and night.  Regardless of circumstances, these people have two things in common: they have run out of options and their needs are urgent.

The Dunedin Night Shelter is located at 18 Lees Street, Dunedin, offering free emergency accommodation to anyone in need.  The Shelter is open every night from 6pm to 9am.

The Shelter provides dinner, breakfast and a warm, dry bed for those who have nowhere else to turn. In addition clients are able to wash clothes, and are provided with advice and assistance in finding accommodation and ensuring they are receiving all appropriate benefits.  Clients are generally able to stay at the Shelter for a maximum of five nights although discretion is used depending on individual circumstances.  Our aim is to encourage and assist self-responsibility.  As well as providing support to those who would fit a definition of what we traditionally think of as ‘homeless’ the Shelter also regularly assists people who have suffered a life shock such as loss of job or relationship break up and need a hand to get back on their feet.

The Trust receives no central government funding and relies heavily on the support and generosity of the local community.  All funds for the running of the Shelter come from grants and donations.  All meals at the Shelter are provided from food donated by various local organisations and community groups.  The Trust receives support from a large number of organsisations and individual donors and in the last few years has been fortunate enough to receive significant grants from Dunedin City Council, the Lotteries Commission, the Southern Trust, the Bendigo Valley Foundation, the New Zealand Community Trust, United Way NZ, and the Lion Foundation.

A house supervisor oversees the safe running of the house each night.  These supervisors are the only paid employees of the Trust. All other roles in relation to the running of the Trust, the Shelter and Phoenix Lodge, including membership of the Trust Board, are undertaken on a voluntary basis.

Dunedin Night Shelter – 18 Lees Street, DUNEDIN (6pm – 9am)